We started this website in order to create a virtual gathering place for information and updates about the efforts of victims of child sexual abuse from The Pingry School to obtain truth and justice.  We hope the site provides an opportunity for the Pingry Community to support the victims and join our efforts to make The Pingry School and other institutions safer and healthier for children.

We are a group of adults who were sexually victimized as children while attending The Pingry School.  Some of us are alumni; others left Pingry before graduation.  All of us are united in our effort to ensure that Pingry and similar institutions are safer and healthier for children today.  We believe this requires that the truth about what happened – including what The Pingry School knew at the time and what it did with that knowledge – be available to the whole Pingry Community so we can learn from that history.

We are survivors of child sexual abuse that spanned nearly a decade at The Pingry School.  We fear we are also survivors of a culture of secrecy and denial amongst Pingry School leadership at the time, which failed to protect us while the abuse was occurring, and failed to acknowledge our abuse or otherwise support us for decades after the fact.  We are investigating to get to the bottom of what leadership at the School [and its affiliated Boy Scout troop and summer camp (Waganaki)] knew at the time and what it did in response to that information.

No – Pingry Survivors is not officially sponsored or affiliated by The Pingry School, although we are hopeful that Pingry’s current leadership will join in our efforts.

Our goals in this effort are:

  1. For the Pingry Community to learn the whole truth about the extent of the problem of child sexual abuse at The Pingry School – including a complete and accurate disclosure about the School’s response at the time of the abuse (and since);
  1. For The Pingry School to hear, understand, and acknowledge the suffering of each victim and to make meaningful amends; and
  1. For The Pingry School to dedicate itself to ensuring that this history can never be repeated (including an independent review of policies, practices, and culture, as well as implementation of meaningful changes).

No.  Thad Alton is a prolific pedophile with multiple convictions related to child sexual abuse.  Law enforcement reported to media in 1989 that they were aware of at least 50 children who had been sexually abused by Alton, unrelated to Pingry.  Based on social science statistics about the behaviors of pedophiles, it is reasonable to assume that the total number of Alton’s victims is probably much higher.  We are aware of other victims who are not part of the Pingry Survivors group.  Sadly, some victims have died.  Others are unable to come forward due to the psychological and emotional impact of the abuse.

Yes. We retained the services of the law firm Crew Janci LLP in order to ensure we would have advocates looking out for our best interests.  Our advocates have been investigating for approximately one year – and that investigation is ongoing.

No, we have not filed a lawsuit against the school.  We have instructed our lawyers to complete our investigation and engage in discussions with The Pingry School about a collaborative resolution process.  We view litigation as a last resort.  That said, we are deeply committed to ensuring that the whole truth comes out and that Pingry is as safe and healthy as possible for current and future students.

We respect the School’s decision to conduct an investigation of its own and we are hopeful that it will be completed in an appropriate, responsible, and timely manner.  However, given that our own investigation is so far down the road, we have instructed our advocates to continue our investigation.  Some witnesses were so badly hurt during their time as children at The Pingry School that they may not be willing to share information with investigators who answer to the School.  We are hopeful that these two parallel investigations, taken together, will help reveal the whole truth about what happened, what was known (and when), and what was done in response to that knowledge.  Pingry Survivors have instructed our attorneys at Crew Janci to explore a way to work collaboratively with the School’s investigators to share information in an appropriate manner (that respects the privacy of victims and witnesses).

Yes. Over the past year, our attorneys at Crew Janci have been conducting a very thorough investigation.  That investigation has uncovered evidence that teachers, staff and administration at The Pingry School were aware of the danger posed by Thad Alton.  We are confident in our sources and the validity of our evidence.

In addition to the testimony of the twelve victims who currently make up the Pingry Survivors, Alton had been investigated by law enforcement and convicted of charges related to child sexual abuse on at least two occasions.  Media reports detail those convictions. Alton is currently a registered sexual offender.

Our investigation is ongoing, and we continue to locate and receive valuable information.  We are committed to the truth being made available to the Pingry Community.  We don’t yet know what form that will take.  We may decide to release our own report.  We will provide more information as this process unfolds.  Please check back.

We are truly sorry to hear that. Please know that you are not alone – we are proof of that.  There are many resources available to help you start towards healing.  Please see our “Resources” page for information and links to a number of support agencies for victims of child sexual abuse.

Thank you for asking!  We need your help.  Please see our “How You Can Help” page for suggestions on the many ways you can join in the effort for truth and a safer and healthier Pingry School.

Thank you for your willingness to help us! Please see our “Contact” and “How You Can Help” pages for more information on who to contact and how.

Thank you for your interest in this important story.  Please visit our “Contact” page to find information regarding media inquiries.

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